Magic Scams

The following are places online that will scam you out of your money from our clients, and others, you have to be careful of magic scams, magic hoaxes, occult hoaxes, rip off spell casters, occult scams, rip-offs, if you have been ripped off please contact us, and it will be posted it here.

i am writing to complain about "powerful love". They aren't so "powerful" after all. This woman said that she would help me, but she never. You have to send a photo of your lover and she promises to do a spell on your behalf. Utter rubbish. I had to pay $200 for her service, and got nothing in return. I e-mailed her and asked what was happening and she said the spell was still being carried out and to "please be patient", Whatever. A note to everyone; please be very careful with this sort of thing, and don't just through your money to any old psychic or witch. Please do your research first before making any decisions. Thanks.

i am writing to complain about "powerful love". They aren't so "powerful" after all. This woman said that she would help me, but she never. You have to send a photo of your lover and she promises to do a spell on your behalf. Utter rubbish. I had to pay $200 for her service, and got nothing in return. I e-mailed her and asked what was happening and she said the spell was still being carried out and to "please be patient", Whatever. A note to everyone; please be very careful with this sort of thing, and don't just through your money to any old psychic or witch. Please do your research first before making any decisions. Thanks.

A Glasgow United Kingdom

I am having a relationship issue and found Jessica's Love Spells on the internet. She had stated it would only be 250 dollars and she would remove negative energy and bad blockages between us so our relationship would flourish. A few days later she had stated that me and this person have a barrier and that I would need some materials. I told her that I could not give her money because I was phonically strapped right now. She stated that the church would lend me them but would need a deposit of 2850. I definitely didn't have that much money and told her that. She convinced me to just give her half the money and that I would get it all back including the western union fee. Well she sent out this 'material' when I went to go pick it up at Fed Ex I had to pay for the Fed Ex package which was 50 dollars. Well I picked it up and called her. She had said I'm on my way to the church call me in 20 minutes and we will begin the meditations. I called and called and left messages and no response. I went searching on the web for her website again and then started seeing other website regarding scam artists and her name was on all of them .I sent several e-mails and called several times to get my money back. She will not respond. I will do whatever it takes to make sure people are aware of her scams and get her off the internet.

Michelle Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.

Powerful Love Spells By Jessica

This lady ripped me off. I have demanded my money back but she does not return phone calls or answers her e-mails back. She guaranteed work to be done, and failed, miserably. Never go to her.

H. nowhere U.S.A.

Rochelle Gordon - My Health wealth and Happiness
167 Cherry Street P.m.b 292
Milford Connecticut 06460

First it was one Sara freder in Cedex in France that first rip me off of 56 dollars. Then I started receiving weekly horoscope from Rochelle Gordon, who told me all sorts of things that my feature looked bright, and that she had a way of helping me rip this brightness in my feature. Due to what had happened, I was very careful, but she persisted and after a year and a half, I fell for her stupid trick. I had introduced my cousin, my brother, and my sister to her and they have already started receiving their weekly readings from her, but she won't have the chance to rip them off now.

Sado Abuja Nigeria

Deborah Bailaque, Ariel F Bejarano

Deborah Bailaque, also known as Ariel F Bejarano, sells love spells on the Internet - her address is I found her web site on a search for "love spells" and first contacted her in early June. After sending her a detailed synopsis of my relationship break-up situation with my ex boyfriend Eric, she recommended her most powerful and expensive spell: the Secret Magick egyptian costing $495. She told me that it would make Eric return to me in less 14 days: before July and that he would contact me - call or write, wanting to see me and get back together with me, ie initiate the reuniting. Both these factors - ie the speed and the fact that Eric would make the first move, were very appealing to me. Deborah said that the spell used powerful energies from Mother Earth and that as she was PayPal verified, she could promise me a full refund within 3 months if it didn't work, but this was very rare. She therefore enticed me to buy the spell. She also used tactics like saying that she & I had the same names so she sensed a link with me, she felt empathy for my situation and that Eric & I were soul mates and should be together, but Fate had gone wrong for us Shortly after I purchased the spell on June 9th, I explained to Deborah that I needed Eric to feel guilty about the way he had treated me and this would facilitate his return. I had already sent a wish list that I wanted the spell to achieve in line with the requirements of the spell and wanted to add this to the list. However, Deborah said that this would require a separate customized spell costing another $90. I was surprised and quite shocked by this sudden need for an extra purchase, and not too happy about it at all. I queried the reason, didn't see why it couldn't just be added to the original wish list, but Deborah remained rigid and firm that my extra request required an additional spell, so I purchased it as she advised.By well into July (way past the 14-day deadline Deborah had given me), there was no sign of Eric and I could still not even get him to respond to my e-mails - the situation had not changed at all. In addition, Deborah was not responding to any of my e-mails about this. I therefore e-mailed her and told her that I wanted a refund. She begged me for a second chance, said that if I really wanted Eric back, then to give her another 14 - 28 days. She also promised me full e-mail support and counseling until his return. I reluctantly agreed to give Deborah another chance, especially as she promised faithfully to honor the promise on her web site and to give me a full refund after 3 months (on September 9th) if results had not appeared. She said her reason for the 3 month deadline was to give her the opportunity to try other spells to achieve the desired results.Agan no results appeared. My interest in witchcraft by this stage had got me worried that another girl had put a spell on Eric to break us up. I talked to Deborah about this and she suggested that I purchase yet another spell from her, this time a Protection Spell, which would neutralize any love rival spell and stop anything similar happening in the future. I was extremely reluctant to purchase a further spell from Deborah, especially as neither of the two I had purchased to date had yielded results, but again she talked me into it, sent me several persuasive reasons why "it was necessary". This spell cost $79.95.I complied with all Deborah's requests throughout, doing all the various candle rituals she told me to, but results did not appear and she did not give me the full e-mail support that she promised to, constantly ignoring my e-mails. She was also rude to me - told me that I tired her and Eric too. When I questioned the lack of results, she continually threw back the poor and irrelevant excuse of my "lack of faith" as an excuse/reason for Eric not returning. She is the only spell caster who uses this excuse for lack of results - other spell casters have had customers who lacked faith, but still achieved results - it is not a reason. In any case, show me results and I'll show you faith, it is the other way around! It is also not true - if I hadn't had faith in Deborah, then I wouldn't have purchased spells from her. Deborah consistently promised me a refund if results had still not appeared by September 9th. A few days prior to this date I e-mailed her and said I would be sending her a Pay Pal money request on September 9th if results had still not appeared. Consequently, when this date came around and results had not appeared, I e-mailed her a PayPal money request for the total of $664.95. In response she sent me an e-mail threatening to cast a curse against me and forward all my e-mails on to my ex-boyfriend Eric if I "continued to bother her", and told me to "go away and enjoy my life! It is quite clear that not only does she make fruitless promises to entice customers to purchase spells and is nothing but a scam and a fraudster, but when no results appear, she then threatens and blackmails her clients, turning her spell business against them, and abusing her power and her privileges, as well as their faith and trust. Her behavior is both unethical and unprofessional, and she is clearly unfit to be a PayPal client, or to continue to operate on the Internet or in any other way. I have e-mail evidence of everything I have stated, but have had no luck at all with getting a refund, so i am posting this to help others from being ripped off from her.

Debbie NORWOOD, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Deborah Bailaque: I started to question her when I saw her 2 pictures on her site. I looked it up on the internet and it seemed to be two different persons, but none of them were with the inscription of her name. I asked her whether it was her picture on her site and she said: yes, it is. So then I supposed that she was not thrust worthy enough. It is scary how so many people are scammers. I am cheated on by Kyra Meadows. She sounded very honest and seemed to listen carefully, etc., etc., until she got her money. I got interested in her capacities because I read on a site of a "Megan Bell" how not to get scammed by (f.i. it's never right when they ask more money half the way of the spell, etc.). That was the reason I started trusting her. And then money site Calastrology, etc. I'm so desperate, but I don't know who can help me. I am now having a spell done by someone who seems to be doing everything in a right way, but I haven't seen any results yet either. So I don't know... In the report, you say "other spell casters have had customers who lacked faith, but still achieved results", who were they? Do you actually know people with real results? Then may I take the liberty to ask you why you didn't use those spell casters?

Marieke, Europe Belgium

Aisha Or egyptian witchcraft
331 West 57th Street New York New York usa
Phone Number:212-696-7255

On or around 12/31/01, I ordered a love & money spell from her for $113.00 each. After repeatedly contacting her by e-mail that nothing was improving, only getting worst, she said that was because negativity was "crossing over " the spell.My case needed a stronger spell because the girl who put the curse on me put a real strong on and that she suggests that I order her 7 day spell. Again I gave her around $502 this time. After that spell did not work she said she suggest that I order a spell in which she is going to the Ivory Coast and another one of client paid $5000.00, but she will only charge me around $1800.00. That is when I ceased my communication with her and realized that all she wanted was money. She is a big rip off artist and does not know what she is doing.

Margaret baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.

Elove Spells, Emily Edwards
West Hollywood California 90069 U.S.A.

I enquired about a love spell online .The spell was guaranteed 100% money back to work once a connectivity test was done .After receiving a positive test result and a very convincing e-mail . I made a payment of $200 through Western Union . I wanted to pay on the website but it is only available to US customers . Once I forwarded the pavement i have had no e-mails since . Enilly has simply just ignored me .I want to warn everyone about her love spells and phony website. I know it sounds desperate to even use one . But i felt do depressed at the time that this seemed to be my only solution. Not only did she take my money but this lady gave me false hope . I felt so convinced with her first reading that i believed that things would work out for me . Don't make the same mistake !!!If any one has any suggestions on attempting to get my money back i would appreciate their help.

Lisa Brisbane Australia

The Mirror Of Life, Hakima , Dr Hakim, Voodoo Love Queen, Psychic Love Specialist, Third Eye


This is one lady who works on kasamba under these names:

The Mirror of Life, Hakima the Sorceress, Espiritu, Psychic Love Queen, Love Doctor Hakim
Love Psychic Specialist, Voodoo Love Queen, Nicks Tarot, Cupids Arrow

These are all one, and she rips people off. She is a mental case, in greed of money. Some very good psychics there, but she is making fun of genuine clients like me, by discussing my personal detail with others. She is also friends with ThirdEyes PsychicReadings. I wish they would stop this. Some of us are in genuine need of help. But all they see is the dollars.

Claire New York, New York U.S.A.

Also, She works on, and has today changed her name from The Mirror of Life to "Occulta Femin"

Claire - New York, New York U.S.A.


This "advisor" is nothing but a con artist scammer to the 1000th degree. If one checks out "his" rating feedback on the Kasamba site, he has but one client. This poor client goes to him no less than 3 times a day, at $17.00 per minute. It is beyond highway robbery, it is downright ILL. This "advisor" has no scruples whatsoever, and it is WRONG, just plain WRONG. I have used Kasamba's service and have had readings with what I consider good and not so good advisors. Of the advisors that were good, they were really good. Solidly ethical and advice/predications have come to pass. By the same token, I have encountered "advisors" that tried to tell me that I had a curse upon me, tried to sell me high priced spells, and/or asked me to stay in the chat box with the meter running while they went to meditate on my question/s. Yeah, right, like I am going to do THAT .i do like the service that Kasamba provides and they have always been diligent when I have had a problem regarding a reader or with billing. I have always found them to be professional. Granted it may take a day or two for them to return an e-mail, which can be frustrating, but they have always cleared up any problems in a relatively timely manner. The bottom line with services such as these is "Caveat Emptor", but that does not mean that the company that provides the service is not responsible in making sure that the advisors on the service are ethical and have the client's best interest at heart, which Love Doctor Hakim and those of "his" ilk clearly don't.

Heather - Washington, District of Columbia U.S.A. Spellmakers/The Voodoo Boutique/Rev Samantha Kaye/Corfield
529 Adams Street NE
Albuquerque New Mexico 87108-1228 U.S.A.
Phone Number:
505-266 9840

I'm filing this BAD Business report on behalf all of you out there who've been scammed by Spellmakers/The Voodoo Boutique. I have been scammed for so long, and spent so much time, money, effort and tears, with little to no results. I figure that if I can save even just save one person the anguish and financial loss that I suffered, I will be happy. I'm not some 20-something with only a little education, I am an older professional, but I have done some dumb things, as can happen when you cry every day for weeks/months and people take advantage of my situation, like what Spell makers did to me. I have spent close to $3000.00 (that I really didn't have) trying to fix my situation. Reverend Samantha Kaye should have done a divination BEFORE doing any spell work like all legit Voodoo Practitioners- she should have known better!The only purpose Spell maker's spell work does is it serves to intensify my desire for my ex husband- it links me to him, but doesn't really do anything to bring a relationship between us. We CAN'T have a successful relationship. My husband divorced me for younger woman and we still had an affair while she was out of town, I was miserable and searched for and found Spell maker also known as Everlasting-love. I scheduled dual castings for I think 6 spells, over the next couple of months, and I got reports at the end of the casting. They seemed pretty accurate - or so I thought, (now I know better) but the biggest thing was that she said that he loved me but he was worried about the other woman, etc. All of this is what I wanted to hear, but not the truth as I found another Voodoo Priestess not only told me, but actually proved to me what was WRONG in my relationship with ex-husband & help me move on. I should have been more suspicious of Mary Lee's reading she told me a bunch of good stuff and then gave me a list of stuff to buy from Spell makers. And ok fine HDs (Heart Desire's) get married and sometimes don't stay, but why should we as Spell maker clients be breaking up marriages??? The guys/girls don't need the spells to realize what a jerk they married with him/her is going to do that on its own. THAT'S why he/she realizes the wife isn't right for them ..because she/he shows her true colors During my time with Spell makers, my ex-husband still continued to periodically show up and tell me he loved me and then disappear- but this was no different than what was going on before I tried magick, so there was no difference. Needless to say, I was extremely distraught. I bought other candles and voodoo dolls and potions/oils for cleansing my house (removing negativity, bringing good luck, rekindling love with ex-husband, whatever). That was about another $3000 at spell maker. My conclusion is they're not that good after all. They DON'T CARE about customers. They are out to SCAM MONEY. Spellmakers is ruthless, evil, unethical business out to make a quick buck here & there...ripping off the broken hearted/lonely people. I have totally lost all faith in Spellmakers...whatever little I had left after what happened with me, is just GONE now. Ok so they couldn't tell me that my ex-boyfriend had a fiance, and kids, BUT TWICE IN ONE MONTH!!! They lied to this other woman, The poor thing got her hopes up....and they let her down badly. I'm really disappointed. How many people in the Spellmakers/The Vodoo Boutique clients/yahoo groups REALLY have any kind of success...honestly now if you think about it. A lot of them who say they have had success get other men or women. That's not a success in my book. AND Spellmakers/Reverend Samantha Kaye tell people that there is another reason why they didn't get who they wanted or the Lois had other plans for them..Its a SCAM!!!. Then why do I need spellcasters to help me get ANOTHER person. I can do that on my own if I want. Yahoo group members ask questions And then Mambo Samantha Kaye comes back with this weird long answer about FAITH And blah blah bah...I'm sorry I just don't buy it anymore. Yes, ok Clients is strong and whatever but that doesn't mean NOTHING if they didn't get their woman/ man back when Spellmakers/The Voodoo Boutique said he/she would. Spellmakers/The Vodoo Boutique, whatever else they call themselves is a SCAM. I'm so mad and fed-up of this nonsense. If I had found ANOTHER HONEST PRACTITIONER before all this mess and time that i wasted, I might have had my man back by now. I probably could have done something earlier. I could have had what I wanted. I'm so MAD that I spent all this money not only on products but shipping and TAXES! Spell Skeptic (use to be Spell Faithful), NYC, USA

Eurydice Cinnamon NYC, New York U.S.A.

Aisha Haadi, egyptian witchcraft
Address: 414 W. Sunrise Hwy, #324
Patchogue, New York New York 11772
U.S.A. Phone Number:

I want to warn the masses about this fraud witch whom I feel has been under the cover of secrecy for too long. I ordered something from Aisha months ago which did not work. It so happened she mis-spelt my name for someone else. I informed them, but yet they sent the mail to the right address but the wrong name. I tried to get a refund. So I reminded her. This is the response I got.That was just a typing error from my part. My advise to you is either do another power ritual combo or submit your case for an Amun ra consultation.

I am here for you.


There was no formal apology, and she did not offer a refund for her mistake. True, a spell does not have a 100% guarentee that it will work, but if cast on the wrong person, it will definitely NOT WORK! Stupidly, I ordered a second spell from her, which is claimed to be extremely powerful. Fine, recently upon my complaints recently, she contacted me and offered a free replacement spell in place of the one. But since it's been some time, and the second, spell did not produce results. If it were as powerful as what was said, it should have achieved results some time back! I also had queries which I asked which went unanswered for days and days. That's when I got suspicious. The spells aren't even 5% as powerful as they were claimed to be.I ordered a second more powerful spell from her, and she still called me by that WRONG NAME! Her daughter claimed that they used my real name in the spell work, which I highly doubt so. Furthermore, this spell is claimed to be very effective. Sadly so till now it doesn't seem to work. I suspect they still used the same wrong name on both spells.Mistakes aside. Let me highlight some points about this site which makes it seem suspicious:

(1) For those who suscribed to her newsletters recently, she mentioned in her last e-mail dated 31st August, having a price hike of all spells "Due to changes in the import regulations for my authentic materials and ingredients there will also be an increase in prices in September. All price changes will be announced on the website and via this newsletter." However, it has been over close to 3 months and there has been NO update at all. Is she really THAT busy? Doesn' she have her daughters to help her out?

(2) For those of you who have ordered her spells, it comes an instruction with the manual. I find it strange that the instructions I ordered are exactly the same, though the two spells I ordered was of different strength.

(3) For those of you who have ordered her spells, read the guestbook and read the entire instructions manual, doesn't it strike you that from the guestbook, she is portrayed as a person who will work with her clients until they have achieved their desired results, who answered all their queries and concerns during their spell journey, and yet on the instructions she sent with the talisman, she forbid anyone to tell anything about the spell and that includes her. How then can she work with her clients after the spell has been cast if she can't even know about the spell?So much so for the bogus promise " I will be there for you to assure you, to comfort you, and assist you in any way I can. I will also work with you until you have achieved all your desired results." in an automated message

(4) Contradictory to what the "guests" wrote in the guestbook, I have many queries which I asked Aisha but were never replied to for weeks. Now that i have learnt, do not believe in everything the guestbook says no matter how desperate or hopeless you are. Even if the previous entries were true to the T, and that Aisha was such a caring person who helped her customers faithfully until they have received their results, she certainly is a different person now. What's the point of a free casting, knowing I can no longer get any replies for my queries and concerns during my spiritual walk, I can no longer walk with her until I have achieved all your desired results?" Desperate situations in a person's life often drives them to resort to irrational and illogical measures. I unfortunately was on of those people, because I have faith and believe in things which don't necessarily exist physically. Note: was. I have since learnt my lesson and now want to warn other desperate people not to go head on. Yes, there ARE true spiritual workers and spell casters out there, but I am sure she is not one of them. Do not flame me for anything unless you're a perfect being like GOD. Everyone has done something stupid at one point in their lives. The most important thing is to realise the mistake and move on. Strange how there are so few cases of negative cases regarding Aisha the witch. I supposed they feel threatened by the secrecy thingamajig, that one cannot reveal the spell or the spell will be broken. If her spells could be broken that easily, then why claim that her spells are powerful? I want a refund. Either that, or she fulfil the promise she made and really walk with me until I have achieved all my desired results at no extra cost. Otherwise I WILL file another complaint here. End of the story.

Kelvin Singapore

egyptian witchcraft, Aisha Haadi

414 W. Sunrise Hey, # 324, Patchogue, NY 11772, USA
Patchogue New York 117722 U.S.A.

About two years ago I ordered a Power Ritual Combo. She was very sure that my wishes will come true. But nothing happend. It sure comes very handy for her, that you're not allowed to mail her for 3 months. I mailed her everytime the three months were over and she told me that the person is thinking about me and that she will cast a reinforcment spell and that everything will be good. About a year after she "cast" the spell, she told me that it won't happen. No reasons or explAnations given. And that I will soon find somebody else. Well, I haven't.


Lauryn Palmer

Pico Rivera, CA

Lauryn seemed very helpful and assuring in helping resolve my problem. When I spoke with her, she stated that she wouldn't do anything if the case seemed helpless but that my problem was resolvable and everything would pull through as I had wanted. She assured 100% guarantee to have results in one day for $250.00. I was hesitant at first so I asked her if the money was refundable if it didn't go through as promised. She assured me that it was "100% guaranteed!" So I believed her. Well, there were no results in two and three days. I contacted her again and she stated that my energy levels were so low due to a curse that was put on me so she had to perform 4 ceremonies but she needed a donation of $300.00 to get it started. I spoke to her several times after but she keeps stating that it just needs time and that everything looks positive. Its been 4 wks and still no results.

Anna Kingsville, Texas U.S.A.

SpellsReview - magicklove - spellsofpower

Attention here everyone!
I really hope all the former members of will have to a chance to read this report and we will all gather strength to reveal the darkest secret of the owner of this company who is Peter Faith aka Cinthya aka Adriana aka (I do not know what else). I have chanced upon the above site somewhere in Oct 2005 and initially I get so excited by the encouraging remarks left by the members who have tried the services of some highly recommended online spellcasters in the site. I have engaged the service of both Cinthya and Adriana not knowing that they are actually the same people!! No wonder both are from argentine and also there is a period of time when both are away and not contactable. All are too much of a coincident. In their site, they have guaranteed that if the spell does not work after 90 days period, they will offer a FULL REFUND of the amount. However after 90 days have passed ,there is still no result. When I ask for a refund for my money, there is no mail from any of them. They do not dare to reply and of course I never get my money back at all. What I wanted to highlight is that I have lost A LOT OF MONEY because of these two frauders. I have paid Cinthya a total of USD 645 and for Adriana , I have paid a VERY LARGE Sum of money which total up to USD 2500 !!! So guess how much they made from people like us. If they do not put that statement of full refund if the spell does not work, I will definitely give a lot of consideration before engaging in their services. And when there is no results and I ask for a full refund, they never dare to reply my mails anymore. And the site www.spellsreview which recommend their services have been gone as well! Initially I thought that perhaps the two spell casters are busy and not able to reply back mails. But after MANY MANY mails are sent asking for full refund after few months, I decided to pose as another person with a different e-mail address and pretend to ask cinthya for her services in some love spell. Then IMMEDIATELY she replied to my mail!! This shows that she is accessing her e-mails but she is not giving any refunds and trying to escape. I get very mad and luckly manage to contact one of the former member and get to know that they are actually all the same person and I have been fooled totally!! Then I check up the rip report and realise that I am not the only person. I am sure there are many many being conned by them but some just leave it because they did not pay such a high price . But my total lose of more than USD 3000 is simply too much for me to bear!! I want MY MONEY back. I am sure this Peter faith will get his retribution and BAD karma. I am definitely not going to let them have their way and get away with this. I am ready to be involved in any law case in order to get my money back.This is not totally about money but its about playing around with people's feeling as many have the thought that their problem will be resolved by these spell casters. I have all the proven e-mails and all the communications tracks .Besides if someone will to go to the below website now, they will still see that they still offer a full refund of 90 days back guarantee I am sure I am not only helping myself but many others as well. This is totally too ruthless and wicked way of frauding as it give people high hope in love , money whatever and then drop them to the lowest hell by telling them what they believe in is all fraud. I still believe in magick and stuff like that. I cannot let them get away with it too easily. GOOD luck to them as I definitely want them to have a taste of what they did to others!

Nicole Singapore

Penny Clark Babson
West Pawlet Vermont 05775 U.S.A.
Phone Number:802-645-0603

I had this person read for my on her private site,and then on Kasamba...the two readings were totally opposite,as different as night and day, and frankly, neither made any sense...actually tried to tell me she picked up a dead relative,who had died of 'heart and lung problems'..doesnt everyone, more or less? I had also spoken to a friend of hers she advertises on her site,from Kasamba,,these two must talk to each other while reading because one knew exactly what I had told the other. This Cali kept leaving for meditation, and then asking me to come back, apparently a ploy to keep me rating her,which could explin her vast amount of ratings from clients,though it does seem some come 10 times a day...she must have to meditate a lot. Penny Babson was an awful typist and a worse speller,and her grammer was like something out of the Beverly Hillbillies,or maybe kindergarten. She also tried to sell me spells and potions to take care of my issues and talked more about how 'famouse' and her books and TV appearenfces ( I found out later that most of that was lies,she apparently just says what she want snot expecting anyone to actually look it up) she was then about my questions.In the end I was left puzzled and confused,at how these obviously untalented people could be making a living ...and a darn good one from their prices.. off false promises, wild guesses, phishing for information before the reading, and frmo spells and magic...avoid them both.

Erik Lanesborough, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Katerina, Guarente On EBay

Katerina says her lottery-win spells are absolutely guaranteed, and they are... for bulking up her bank account. They are totally bogus and guaranteed to rip gullible suckers off while letting her rake in the cash big-time. I bought a lottery-win spell from her on eBay (she claims to be eBay's #1 psychic) and won less (total) in 4 months of daily lottery purchases than I paid for the spell: results actually worse than chance! Katerina is very clever and knows exactly how to use the holes in eBay's feedback system to her advantage. She says that all of her spells take at least 90 days to work. Coincidentally, eBay feedback can no longer be tendered 90 days after a purchase. When I contacted her at the end of my 90-day period, she said she would "cleanse the area and recast the spell" and promise results within a few more weeks. She also promised to work with me "until we got results." When I contacted her 3 weeks later (when the time limit for negative feedback had elapsed), there was no response at all. Katerina's Website and eBay pages are all decked out in fabulous testimonials to bait you in. Don't believe them. The fact that she claims to perform so many "65 minute" spells simultaneously should be a dead give-away to who and what she really is. I believe some psychics and spellcasters do have talent. But stay far, far away from Katerina the Con Artist, unless you like to throw your hard-earned money away!

Joey New York, New York U.S.A.

California U.S.A.
Phone Number:(225) 773 7017

I went to this lady called D. Ann but her trading name is Dolly Phillips to do a love spell for me to bring back my x girlfriend and she told me to send her some money (in total I sent her about $7,000. She did tell me that if the spell does not work that I would get my money back, which was the reason I went to her. She also said that at anytime that I wish not to continue, she would give me my money back. I sent her about $7,000 and within that $7,000, there was the sum of $3,500 which it was agreed that I would get back whatever the outcome as that was just a refundable deposit. However the spell did not work after a 2 months of working with her and I asked for my money back but she said that there was so much evil and that she had to finish the job otherwise the evil will attack her and her family. I then asked her how long it will take and she told me that it would take a while for the work to be done as the evil and bad energy was too great.I then called another day and pretended that the spell had worked and asked for my refundable deposit of $3,500 back and she promised to send it by money order on 19th December 2005. I gave her all my details by e-mail and she confirmed that she had received it when I called her. I then called on the 19 December 2005 to verify that she had sent the money order and she said yes but in a very rude way saying that I was disturbing her.It has been over a month now and I have received nothing and I would like my money back from this fraudulent woman. I have tried to call her she has bee ignoring my calls and she has not replied to any e-mails that I have sent her.I do not have her address but I have enough details for you to track her Website add:


Phone number: (225) 246-8977

Cell number: (225) 773 7017

I would be grateful if you could help me

Akin Middlesex United Kingdom

I contacted Cast A Spell run by Eva Silverrain in nov of 2005 to cast a spell to bring my now ex boyfriend back to me not knowing she was also pretending to be another spell caster(kyra meadows). I just had been ripped off by 2 weeks earlier. I came to her paying her fee by visa using paypal to get my boyfriend back I paid her $100. I told her a spellcaster had placed a spell to take him away. She sent one e-mail acknowledging recieving my money and the day the spell was to be casted. I tryed to contact her by e-mail about sending my spell information and I never heard from her again. I sent many e-mails the week she promised to cast the spell and she refused to e-mail me back. I tryed 2 weeks later sending an e-mail about my spell how she did a spell without any of my information and I still never heard from her. I never got my boyfriend back and its now feb 2006. She does not refund your money nor does she give a dam about your information just takes your money and you are on your own. I tried researching her for complaints but at the time could not find any. Her e-mail to me was set up just like the one I recieved from kyra meadows almost identical in what they were saying.

Jacklyn Canton, Ohio U.S.A.

Voodoo Boutique, Spellmaker, Rev Samantha Kay
Address:529 Adams St Ne
Alberquerque New Mexico U.S.A.
Phone Number:502-266-9840

Yes I also fell victum to the ever powerfull Rev Samantha Kay at the Voodoo Boutique. Im sure that there will be somebody on here to critisize me for giveing them my money, but if your on here to critisize people that were vulnerable you need to find something to do with your time. My intention is to prevent somone else from falling into the same trap I did. I submitted my information to them for a "review" of my situation. It was sudgested that I purchase the "leave my woman alone spell kit". And to follow it up with the "love me again" spell kit. For even more powerfull results I could follow those up with "no one but me", and then "marry me now". I purchased all four kits. And paid for dual castings on the first two. As an even added measure I purchased a voodoo doll. A dual casting means that Rev Samantha Kay will cast the spell at the same thim that you are. So after spending a bundle of money, and ALOT of time and work into the spell kits..... nothing happened. My case report that was e-mailed to me said that it was going to take time. So a year later, still nothing was happening. It was sugested that I purchase the delux kits. So out of desperation I purchased The DELUX "leave my woman alone" kit, and the DELUX "love me again" kit. I also paid to have dual castings on both of these. A couple of weeks after each 9 day ritual was compleated I recieved a lengthly e-mailed case review which kind of looked like a form letter with my desired ones name inserted in the apropriat places. Again it stated that she still had feelings for me, but it was going to take time. A year later I sent them an e-mail conveying my dissapointment to them. Espically concidering that at the time they were boasting about a 98% sucess rate. (yeah, a 98% sucess rate at grabbing your money maybe). The response I recieved was to either purchase another spell, or purchase a phone consultation with their staff psychic. When I told them that they had alread taken about $1,000 from me in the past, I was told that I shouldnt do it if I dont want to spend the money.

Edmonton, Alberta

egyptian witchcraft

Address:414,w-sunrise Hwy ,# 324 Patchogue,NY 11772
New York New York 11772 U.S.A.
Phone Number:631-207 8473

this is avery cleverly made site ownwed by a certain aisha haadi.I myself have had doubts that i got it wrong,but unfortunately it is a huge scam. it offers all sorts of extremely expensive spells which are very effective. at best one should send aisha the reqest for a free consultation. I was advised by ms aisha to have the amun ra spell done,for my problem was too complicated . she promised results in less than two days. I sent the money by paypal over a year ago. she asked me to contact her at intervals set by her,should the spell not work. i have sent her over 1000 dollars and of course now she has changed her e mail and one can only contact her on the web site form, which she of course does answer. although i am ashamed for have allowed myself to be so shamefully conned i have decided to publish the story with the hope that she would get find out and stopped conning people in need. as the testimonials are great,so i sent a testimonial to check whether it's honorable,and guess what it was not published. by the way ,she also has a german site.

Beatrice rheinfelden Switzerland

Sarah's Love Methods

California U.S.A.
Phone Number:888-5942446

I contacted Sarah aka Jill Foster to assist me in a love dilemma. She claimed both over the phone and through e-mail that she would be able assist me for only $250 USD. So I decided to take the chance and have her cast a spell for me. She guaranteed that the spell would bring positive results in only 48 hours and the full effects would come to fruition within 5 to 7 business days. To my dismay I have no results and no money! Each time I would try to get in touch with her she was either busy, or claimed that more work needed to be performed at a price. I sent as much money as I could because she claimed that my case was very special in that I needed to have the negative energuies around me removed. In order to do this she needed more money. This scared me because I believed her at first. Things seemed to go from bad to worse. After a month and over $3000 USD, I have nothing good to say about her or her guarantees. When I tried to contact her both through e-mail and phone she refused to respond and never picked up the phone. Now I am trying to get my monies back. She has wrecked my credit rating because I used my credit cards to "remove the negative energies". I need to warn others to stay very far away from her and fraudulent claims. I also need someoen to help me get my monies back, if this is even possible. Please help me!

Jenna St. Cath, Ontario Canada

Natalie Roberts
Phone Number:800-417-7621

natalie roberts ripped me off for several hundreds of dollars. saying there was a curse done by someone else that was affecting them gettng back the one I loved the twin fire bond had been broken.That she could fix It but It would take 14 hours of prayer and medatation. Also 2200.00. But her church helped me out because I could only come up with 500.00 on top of the 180.00 that she charges to take your case. Tells you Its a flat fee at the time. then bam. theres a problem need more money. send it western union so i can get started right away and get the things I need she gave me false hope and played on my emotions. Then she ended up not re-turning phone calls, not answering my calls. I called her all day long for several days. Will not answer my e-mails either.

DianeLancaster, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Anne Taylor - Anne Taylor Emergency Love Line
Address:10929 Firestone Blvd. Suite 185
Norwalk California 90650 U.S.A.
Phone Number:626-576-0218

I would like to file a complaint against the so-called psychic Anne Taylor from Norwalk, California. She has stolen $1984 of my savings.

Address: 10929 Firestone Blvd. Suite 185
Norwalk, CA 90650
Phone : 1-888-785-2636

Anne Taylor is a psychic spiritualist specializing in severe cases of love. She claims to be a palm reader, and an aura cleanser to improve your love life, health and peace of mind. with more than 40 years of experience she claims she has never failed a client or had an unsatisfied customer. Anne Taylor Emergency Love Line promises an amazing love reading and if you are not in a happy fulfilling relationship she will cast a love spell purely for your benefit. I first called her on April 9, 2005, using the phone number that I obtained from her website, to seek her psychic services concerning matters of the heart. When I explained my situation to her, she told me that I would only have to send her $125 along with a letter explaining what type of help I needed from her. I asked her if this would be the only charge and how long it would take her to complete her work. She told me that there would be no additional charge and that it would take only three days to finish my case. So I sent her a money order of $125 on April 12, 2005. After speaking with her over the phone for about ten minutes, she seem to me to be a Trustworthy and God Fearing Woman by constantly using phrases as Praise God, In Jesus Name and Have Faith In God. A couple of days later she told me that she would need to rent some type of crystal pyramid to complete my case. She said that the crystal pyramid would cost $5000; however, she would only need to borrow it for a couple of days and then she would return it. To rent the crystal pyramid she would need to give a deposit of $1750. After she finished with the crystal pyramid, she would return it back to the store and send back my $1750 plus the $109 Western Union charge. I told her it would take me a couple of days to get the money. She asked me to promise her in God's name that I would send the money. I sent her $1750 via Western Union on April 19, 2005 Note: I emphatically expressed to her that I would need the money back as soon as possible because I was unemployed and that my unemployment payments were about to run out at the end of the month. The $1750 was coming from my 401K Plan in which I was liquidating my securities into cash because of my financial hardship. She told me in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ she would return the $1750 plus reimburse me the $109 charge for sending the money wire. During the three days before I wired her the money she would call me to discuss my case and what she wanted me to do in the interim while she waited for the money. If I called her and if she was not available I would leave a message and she would return my call. One day I called her and she said she would call me back in 30 minutes. She called me back, but I could not take her call because I was busy taking care of an emergency. She ended up leaving 5 messages on both my home and cell phone answering machines. After I wired the money to her, her phone calls became short and far between. When I would call her, she never seem to have time to talk to me and she would always say that she would call me back but rarely did. After two weeks of calling her and trying to get the status of my case, it came to the point where she had stop calling me and when I was able to reach her on one of her phone lines, she would tell me that she would call me back and rudely hang the phone up on me. Of course she would never call me back. For a week and a half I called her begging and pleading with her to return my $1859 plus my initial fee of $125 because my unemployment payments had run out. On her website it states: Anne Taylor first gained international acclaim when she insisted upon something that was unheard of in her field. A one year guarantee that if a client was not one hundred percent satisfied with his/her work, Taylor would refund her fee in full. Period. No questions asked. I called both of her phone numbers just about every day all day from May 12, 2005 to May 19, 2005 from my home phone and my cell phone. She then proceeded to have a block on my home phone number and my cell phone number. I then resorted to calling her 1-888-785-2636 number from pay phones. Now she has a block on all telephone numbers in my calling area, which is the Philadelphia or (215) area code. I do not want to see another person scammed or swindled out of their money like I was. This woman is absolutely evil and blasphemous. She is a thief and needs to be taken out of business before she steals from another person experiencing financial hardship like I am.

James Bensalem, Pennsylvania U.S.A.,, Adriana Gladys Moyano, Cinthya, Peter Fatih

Adriana Gladys Moyano, Cinthya, Peter Fatih,

I just want to warn everyone by telling my sad story. I have purchased spells from both Adriana and Cinthya at the same time and have lost nearly $2000 to these damn frauds...I strongly believe Cinthya & Adriana & Peter Fatih are the same. Cinthya and Adriana both are in Argentina and both state to have over 48 years of experience When Cinthya stated she was away for 14 days (which actually took much more days more before she removed the notice form her site again), Adriana was away or not available exactly in the same time-frame. Because the old notice on her site ( I am not taking new clients until next year was only removed exactly the same time when Cinthya removed her notice she was gone. Both offer magic spells in so-called levels, level 1-13. Magick is not in levels, you won't find such silly information elsewhere. Cinthya told me I must not tell anyone that a spell was performed by me or else it will be broken..but at the same time when I told her that spells have been cast for me before and I don't want her to cancel these older spells when performing hers, she tells me it does not matter I told her of the other spells, they won't be broken. When I contacted Adriana because I got NO results after over 3 months, she told me there were bad energies around me which interfere her spells. Luckily I found a REAL WITCH, who is able to read people's energies and she told me there is no mysterious energy around me at all Adriana later sent me a silly meditation exercise I was supposed to perform to stop the negative energy form interfering, I did perform the exercise and guess what, I still got NO results. After this Adriana would not reply to me anymore, Cinthya would neither. But I know they are both still there as I know of other persons who recently contacted them and they both are still offering their fake-spells. Another interesting fact: I asked Adriana to send me information about magick.she send me an ebook.guess what, it were copies from a ShadowRun roleplay. I am most deeply disturbed and shocked and very sad of how in this world there are people so ruthless. People who will abuse others and betray them so badly, play with desperate people. To what has our world come that we cannot trust anybody anymore? I am deeply sad and this experience has changed a lot about me, something inside me really died with this experience. I am NOT a person of revenge, but I hope this person Peter Fatih (?) gets caught and that he gets his equitable punishment.

Ali London United Kingdom

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