Ghost Haunting Poltergeist Spells

Ghost Haunting Poltergeist Spells and Sorceries from Antiquity

Ghost haunting poltergeist spells are best to have cast for the following situations:


A ghost is an alleged non-corporeal manifestation of a dead person (or, sometimes, an animal, or a vehicle). It is generally claimed to be a manifestation of the spirit, or soul of a person which has remained on earth after death. According to some beliefs, It may be the character of a person after his or her death, and not directly tied to the soul or spirit. Many cultures throughout the world carry stories about poltergeists, though they frequently disagree as to what they are, and whether they are just figments of imagination, or a part of reality. There is much debate on whether they are spirits of deceased people, or a naturally-occurring phenomenon. Some people believe that ghostly images, and sounds occur as a result of the natural environment "playing back" past events in a manner similar to that of a tape recorder. The east and the west both share some fundamental beliefs about them. They may wander around places they frequented when they were living, or where they died. Such places are known as "haunted"; the rounds they go on are known as "haunting's" They often wear the sort of clothing in which they would have been seen when alive.

Signs that you may have a ghost infestation

If you have any, or all of the signs listed below of infestation, and you are feeling overly tired, or depressed, wanting to keep your drapes and shades drawn, and be in the dark, and you are feeling withdrawn, and tired all the time, with no-good reason, you could be having your energy being sapped by an attention craving poltergeist.

  • People in the house are having bad dreams.
  • You hear footsteps, taps on the walls, or voices.
  • Objects mysteriously disappear only to return later (generally shoes, or jewelry)
  • Pets react to something others can't see.
  • A dog might be growling at thin air, or its hackles may rise.
  • Pets may refuse to go in a particular room.
  • Electrical appliances, and light's turn on, or off by themselves.
  • Tap water turns on, or off and toilets flush by themselves.
  • Doors open, and close with unseen hands.
  • Unexplained cold drafts, or cold spots can be felt.
  • Small children talk to people who are not there.
  • Seeing unexplained shadows, usually out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes the shadows take on a vaguely human shape.
  • Feeling as though you're being watched when no one is there.
  • Feelings of being touched, or something brushing past a gentle poke, push, or nudge.
  • Noticeable changes in temperature (Cold spots are most often reported)
  • Unexplained smells such as distinctive perfume, foul odors, an electric smell, that have no explainable source.
  • Bed covers moved off you (sometimes jerked right off you)
  • Touches (light pat on the back, the touch will be warm, never cold)
  • Phone rings
  • Strange animal behavior a dog, cat, or other pet behaves strangely.
  • Dogs may bark at something unseen, cower without apparent reason, or refuse to enter a room they normally do.
  • Cats may seem to be "watching" something cross a room.
  • Animals have sharper senses than humans, And close attention should be paid to how an animal act's.
  • Moving, or levitating objects (severe psychokinetic phenomena) dinner plates sliding across the table; pictures flying off walls; doors slamming shut with great force; furniture sliding across the floor.
  • Physical assault scratches, slaps, and hard shoves. This kind of personal assault is rare, But it does happen. Other physical evidence unexplained writing on paper, or walls; hand prints, and footprints.
  • Apparition's physical manifestation of a spirit, or entity. These phenomena are also very rare and, can take many forms: human-shaped mists, or forming mists of some indistinguishable shape; transparent human forms that disappear quickly; and most rarely, human forms that look as real and solid as any living person, but that disappear into a room, or even while being viewed.
  • Noticeable changes in temperature (Cold spots are most often reported)


Entities: Often, in the beginning, these are confused with ghosts. They make noises, project voices, move things, However there is never a pleasant smell with these - even in the beginning. They leave a calling card of an odor not unlike rotten eggs. In addition to all the characteristics above, you can also have any, or all of the following:

Signs That You May Have An Entity

  • Bed covers jerked off - usually violently.
  • Physical damage - slaps, hard pinches, scratches, and punches. In rare cases - sexual assault.
  • Knocks, or taps in groups of 3
  • Scratches in the walls that sound like animals.
  • Animal noises at night when there are no animals around (dogs fighting, birds screeching, or strange sounding birds singing)
  • Materialization of Black forms usually either a man, or a dog. Normally accompanied by a foul odor. These forms have no features they look like a solid shadow. They can remain dormant for many, many years and can suddenly be drawn forward to active duty if there is a general atmosphere of arguments, and tension within a family. The Entity will first center on one person in the home, and this person may think they are losing their mind. That is precisely what the entity wants - the more stressed it can make you the more anxious energy it can draw off of you, thus becoming stronger. The person who tends to become withdrawn, or depressed in stressful situations is their ideal candidate.

Restrictions if any for the custom ghost spells

The spell may not be able to be cast properly if you do not let me know if you have had other spell work cast for you previously by another caster before engaging in my services. If you received any amulets, talismans, candles, potions, powders, magic rings, dolls, conjure bags, mojo bags, etc., Its best that you dispose of those items prior to getting any spell work cast from me. If you do not dispose of the item properly chances are good that any spell work that you get from me will be useless, a waste of my time and your money. If you need any help disposing of any item just contact me, and I will advise you on disposing of it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me prior to ordering any spell work. If you would like the best that I have to offer that will work in any situation. I would suggest the 7 day 7 ritual series, the 9 day 9 ritual series, the 10 day 16 ritual series, or the 20 day 32 ritual series of spells. They can be found for specific situations such as, healing, legal-court case, love related issues, money problems, sexual issues, or sex related problems. If you would like the ritual series fully customized for your needs. They can be found at custom black magic spells and custom spells.

What is included with the spell?

This spell includes

  • Removal of any prior spell work that you have had cast
  • Cleansing and protection spells are cast before and after the main spell casting
  • Any and all supplies needed for the casting will be checked, and inspected for quality. The supplies used may include the following herbs, candles, potions, charm, amulet, talismans, root charms, ju-ju, juju, periapt, incense, powders, charm bags, conjure, mojo, or gris-gris bags. Etc.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee For more information click here
  • Layaway and payment plans are available click here
  • Discounts on any other spell work
  • All correspondence and spell work is 100% confidential

Required materials for the spell casting

I require the following materials, or samples from you for the spell casting

  1. Your full name and date of birth
  2. Full name and date of birth of anyone involved in the spell
  3. Pictures of all parties involved in the spell
  4. Samples needed may vary due to your situation
  5. A brief e-mail stating what the exact specific problem is
  6. An itemized list of what you want from the spell casting

Type of casting available for the spell work

All spell work can be cast using whatever methods you are comfortable with including; white magic, black magic, magick, hoodoo, luciferian witchcraft, voodoo, rootwork, christian magic, candomble, macymba, chango, naniguismo, egyptian witchcraft, santeria, satanism, necromancy, witchcraft, and many other forms of magic are used here.

Time frame and results

All spell work cast as a general rule needs the proper time to work. Results can be seen any time after the spell work is cast to several month's time, with three to six months for results being normal. There are no guarantees that you will get results in that time frame, results happen when they happen in the occult. Any place stating that you can get results guaranteed in 24 hours. 30, 60, or 90 days is just after your money.

Custom Ghost Spell

  • $400.00 - 25% Down Payment $100.00
  • $600.00 - 25% Down Payment $150.00
  • This spell is fully cast to your specifications
  • The custom ghost spell for $400.00 is available for $600.00 with your choice of amulet, candle, charm, incense, oil, talisman, charm bag, root charm bag, potion, powder, hoodoo oil, root charm, Etc. For more information see the magical items page.
  • Catalog reference #1000CGHSTS
  • Catalog reference #1000CGHSTS-25
Click here to order this spell or request an invoice

Custom Black Magic Ghost Spell

  • $400.00 - 25% Down Payment $100.00
  • $600.00 - 25% Down Payment $150.00
  • This spell is fully cast to your specifications
  • The custom black magic ghost spell for $400.00 is available for $600.00 with your choice of amulet, candle, charm, incense, oil, talisman, charm bag, root charm bag, potion, powder, hoodoo oil, root charm, Etc. For more information see the magical items page.
  • Catalog reference #1000CBMGHSTS
  • Catalog reference #1000CBMGHSTS-25
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Custom Incense Ghost - Poltergeist Banishing Spell

Get a specialized custom incense ghost - poltergeist banishing spell cast for your specific needs, and includes customized spell work for banishing, spiritual cleansing, and spiritual healing rituals, and spells cast for your situation. This will heal, and protect you from ghost, and poltergeist sickness. Protect from any further occult exposure due to ghost, or poltergeists. Banish certain types of nightmares, and dreams of the dead. It will stop any further haunting for $300.00 shipped. This spell includes your choice of one free custom spell. This spell also includes cleansing and protection spell work and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the world's premier spell casting service.

What is included with the custom incense ghost - poltergeist banishing spell? You will receive the following with your purchase.

  • This incense is ritualized and prepared especially for you
  • Customized spell work and rituals for banishing, cleansing and spiritual healing fully cast for you
  • Protection agaist any further exposure from ghosts, or poltergeists
  • Banish Bad Dreams and nightmares of the dead
  • Protects against ghost, or poltergeist sickness
  • Stops any further hauntings
  • Easy to follow detailed instructions
  • Full 6 month supply of handmade cleansing incense
  • Full 6 month supply of handmade protection incense
  • Layaway and payment plans are available see the payment page for more information
  • Lifetime Guarantee - covers the spell casting, ceremonial and spiritual work only, for more information see the lifetime guarantee page
  • $300.00 - Special price no down payment
  • Incense is shipped with this spell
  • Catalog reference #1000CGHSTPOLTBANINCS-SP
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Free Custom Spell

The free custom spell is valid on any spell work of equal, or lesser value, and is for the spell casting only. It is an extra spell that is fully cast for you at no charge for whatever you want. You may have any custom spell cast that I carry that does not include any shipped items. The most popular are the custom spells, and the custom black magic spells for $400.00. The parchment spells for $100.00, and the voodoo spells for $750.00.

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