About the Magical Items

I am going to give a brief synopsis of different magical items and the common interchangeable terms that are used for each. This list is by no means complete and will only have the most popular names of the items.

Amulets - These are known as amulets, charms, juju, or ju-ju, periapt, root charms. Talismans are commonly referred to as amulets, but they are two different things. Amulets are mainly used as curative, preventive and protective powers. Talismans are used to draw things to you. There are basically two types objects and the kind that are written. These can be carried in a pocket, worn around the neck, or other parts of the body. They can also be hung on a wall.

  • amulet - also known as
  • agjus Dei - a representation of Christ as a lamb, often holding a cross or flag
  • agjus Dei (2) Roman Catholic Church
  • a little wax disk with a lamb pictured on it, blessed by the pope
  • a prayer in the Latin Mass, beginning Agnus Dei
  • Orgin L, Lamb of God
  • phylactery - A small leather box containing Hebrew texts on vellum, worn by Jewish men at morning prayer as a reminder to keep the law.
  • Late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek phulaktērion ‘amulet’, from phulassein ‘to guard’.
  • periapt - An item worn as a charm or amulet. Orgin Late 16th century: from French périapte, from Greek periapton, from peri around + haptein fasten
  • telesm 16th cenury latin An object thought to have magic powers or bring good luck; = "talisman"; especially (in Byzantine Greece, western Asia, and north Africa) a statue, buried object, or other artefact believed to protect a house, city, etc., from danger.


Candles - These are a very popular form of magic most modern-day practitioners use candles made from paraffin (which is a petroleum-based wax) because they are widespread and very easy to obtain. The magic that I do here is ancient magic, and I use candles made from tallow, which is animal fat or beeswax, which is a natural wax. The casting done with animal fat, beeswax or other natural ingredients are much more powerful than a candle magically cast with paraffin.

Candle colors and common uses (This is not set in stone some casters have their own preferences for color usage when casting spells).

  • Black - Fertility, healing, hexes, repelling and reversing spells.
  • Blue - Evil eye protection spells.
  • Brown - Stabilizing and grounding during divination and psychic travels, justice spells.
  • Green - Healing, money, prosperity, fertility spells.
  • Pink - Love, friendship, romance, can be used spells that are related to children.
  • Purple - Sex, passion, power, commanding, domination spells.
  • Red - Love, sex, romance, luck, evil eye protection spells.
  • White - Initiations, ghosts, healing, can be used in place of any other candle.
  • Yellow - Love, romance, power, prosperity spells.

Specialized candles and common uses

  • Double Action - These are two-color candles, one atop the other commonly burned to increase beneficial spirits and dispel harmful ones, there are other uses.
  • Reverse Action - These are commonly used to reverse negative spells and send them back.
  • Seven Day - These are used for almost everything, and come in different colors and can be customized to various religious faiths, Hindu, roman catholic, santeria, voodoo, Etc.

Charm Bag - These are used to carry magically charged items. Some of the common names are amulet bag, charm bag, conjure bag, dilly bag, gris-gris bag, magic bag, medicine bag, mojo bag, trick bag, wanga, mojo, ouanga bag and phylacteries. These can be carried in a pocket, worn around the neck, hung on a wall, or kept inside of a drawer or cabinet.

Essential oils - These are extracted from botanicals using different methods, steam distillation, liquid extraction; etc. Essential oils are generally prepared by distillation to make the natural oils in a plant substance very concentrated. It takes a very large quantity of plant material to make just a very small amount of essential oils This is why essential oils can be very expensive. Essential oils are very common in spell casting and have been used for centuries in China, Egypt and the middle east. The magic that I cast here I use only pure essential oils in the spell casting.

Flower Essence Remedies - These are water infused essences of plants. These are commonly used in spell casting.

Fragrance oils - These are synthetic oils that are manmade. These are commonly used for dressing candles and for assorted spell casting needs.

Incense - These are made using botanicals dried plants, oils, resins such as frankincense and myrrh, oleo gum resins, along with fragrant wood and bark, seeds, roots, flowers and spices. These are used for many different things in spell casting. I only use pure natural incense with no synthetic fillers in the spell casting that I do here.

True oils - These are known as carrier oils, fixed oils, and base oils. True oils are basically extracted from the seeds and fruits of plants. These are used in spell casting much the same way that essential oils are. Unlike essential oils, true oils do not evaporate completely and will become rancid over time.

Talisman - These are known as amulets, engraved amulets, charms, root charms. Amulets are commonly referred to Talismans, but they are two different things. Talismans are generally used to draw specific things to you. There are basically two types objects and the kind that are written. these can be carried in a pocket, worn around the neck, or other parts of the body, they can also be hung on a wall.

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