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Reinforcement Enhancement Strengthening spells and Sorceries from Antiquity

There is now a charge for any reinforcement spell done at ancient magic spells. This is due to several reasons. The fact that the supplies that are used have tripled in price means I can no longer reinforce any spells for free, also because I am constantly busy and my time is worth money.

About the Custom Reinforcement Spells

The reinforcement spell will work in conjunction with the custom spell work that you have ordered. It will strengthen and harmonize the spell for you and is best used for enhancing and strengthening prior spell work that you had cast from ancient magic spells. This custom spell is an extremely powerful spirit and energy drawing spell casting session These spell casting sessions are based on your prior spell work, which was cast previously, and the specific detailed information that you send to ancient magic spells. This spell will be 100% customized to your current situation and needs, and you must include all details that are relevant to your previous spell order, or you can get a fully customized spell cast for your exact needs. If you have any questions, I can be reached at

Restrictions if any for the spell work

The spell may not be able to be cast properly if you do not let me know if you have had other work cast for you previously by another caster before engaging in my services. If you received any amulets, talismans, candles, potions, powders, magic rings, dolls, conjure bags, mojo bags, etc., its best that you dispose of those items prior to getting any type of work done from me. If you do not dispose of the item properly chances are good that any spell work that you get from me will be useless, a waste of my time and your money. If you need any help disposing of any item just contact me, and I will advise you on disposing of it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me prior to ordering any ceremonial or ritualized work. If you would like the best that I have to offer that will work in any situation. I would suggest the 7 day 7 ritual series, the 9 day 9 ritual series, the 10 day 16 ritual series, or the 20 day 32 ritual series. They can be found for specific situations such as, healing, legal-court case, love related issues, money problems, sexual issues or sex-related problems. If you would like the ritual series fully customized for your needs. They can be found at either the custom spells or the custom black magic spells.

Specific Notes about the Spell Casting

  1. It will immediately enhance and Strengthen, your original spell work that was done here at ancient magic spells.
  2. It will manifest changes as soon as a few days after the reinforcement spell has been cast, and sometimes it is instantly that you see, or feel the results, due to the complexity of your situation it may take several months or longer before you get any results.
  3. It will help to speed up the original spell and make your desires come to you sooner.

What is Included with the Spell?

The spell includes

Required Materials for the Spell Casting

I require the following materials or samples from you for the spell casting

  1. You will have to send me the information about the prior spell work that was cast for you.
  2. must include an update to what has happened since your spell was cast.
  3. any samples that may be needed, hair, fingernails, pictures, etc.

Type of Casting Available for the Spell

All reinforcement spells also known as strengthening spells and enhancing spells can be cast using whatever methods you are comfortable with including; white magic, black magic, magick, hoodoo, luciferian witchcraft, voodoo, also known as vodou, vodoun, vodou and vodoun, satanism, Santeria, egyptian witchcraft, necromancy, voodoo spells, also known as vodou spells, vodoun spells, witchcraft spells and many other forms of magic are used here.

Timeframe and Results

All spell work cast as a general rule needs the proper time to work. Results can be seen any time after the spell work is cast to several month's time, with three to six months for results being normal. There are no guarantees that you will get results in that time frame, results happen when they happen in the occult. Any place stating that you can get results guaranteed in 24 hours. 30, 60, or 90 days is just after your money.

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Custom Reinforcement Spell

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Custom Black Magic Reinforcement Spell

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Reinforcement Amulets and Talismans

Get a specialized reinforcement amulet or reinforcement talisman cast for your specific recasting needs. This spell also includes advanced protection spells, with cleansing and strengthening ceremonial and ritual spell work to enhance your prior spell casting for $200.00 shipped. Spell is permanent and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the world's premier spell casting service.

*.* Note these amulets and talismans can be used at the time of purchase or after your spell work has been cast.

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Free Custom Spell

The free custom spell is valid on any ceremonial or ritualized work of equal or lesser value and is for the casting only. It is an extra spell that is fully cast for you at no charge for whatever you want. You may have any custom spell cast that I carry that does not include any shipped items. The most popular are the custom spells and the custom black magic spells for $400.00. The parchment spells for $200.00 and the voodoo spells for $750.00.

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